A Letter to my 7th Grade Self.

Dear Ariana,

After years of contemplation and observation, I want you to know that you are an introvert. I know you may not believe it, but it’s true. You are shy and reserved and obviously want to be left alone. Right? Or is it just fear that’s holding you back from being yourself? Is it the fear of not saying the right thing. Or is it the fear of those kids not being good enough for you? Or maybe it’s fear of having to prove yourself. Hmmm, that would make sense. All those days you spent sitting among those nice kids, yet never saying a word. Instead of taking a chance, you chose to spend an entire year without making any friends. Yep, fear will do that to you. If you let it.

So don’t let it.

Now that you know, don’t let it happen again. You wasted an entire year! For nothing! And if you’re not careful, it’ll happen again. I know you can sense it creeping up from behind you…threatening to make your school year awful…telling you lies about how they’re not good enough anyway…whispering about how it’s easier this way.


You will make friends this year. You will take risks. You will be embarrassed at multiple points this year. You will be comfortable within yourself and your identity.

See, that’s the thing about mistakes. They suck, but honestly they don’t. You experience, you learn, and move forward. Don’t forget about that last part. Move forward. There’s no growth found in being stagnant.

It’ll be hard and uncomfortable. I know, two of your least favorite things. But it’s okay. The reward is found in the journey.

I promise it’ll be okay.

And so does He.



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