A Poem of Sorts.

Man this is hard work.

But I expected it to be.

So why am I surprised,

Can anyone tell me?

It’s 2019 you guys, we’ll never lose touch!

It’s okay that we lied.

My emotions are an ocean.

Get me off this ride.

I miss my friends. I miss having friends.

Is that really the same?

Is it the people I miss, or the feeling of connection?

Who can I blame?

I’m honestly okay, I just have F.O.M.O.

I would say more,

but I want to stay on-topic.

Who am I kidding, when it rains it pours.

And when it pours, I only have one umbrella

but it gets tired, I’m sure

And I’m sorry for that.

Thank you for helping me endure.

Helping me endure when I feel forgotten.

tells me I’m not.

Oh but I am.

Not by all, just by a lot.

“I miss you guys.”

Generic, yet sincere.

Well no, if it’s the only thing we say.

Losing everyone is not my fear.

Finding my new people is what scares me.

I don’t blame them for forgetting,

It was bound to happen.

This started out decent.

Now it’s just blah.

Don’t know happened to the halfway rhyme I had going.

Oh well.

Don’t read into this too much.

It’s just a mood,

whatever that even means.

This is composed of feelings,

and man are those





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