Merry Christmas to All!

Hello and Merry Christmas! I thought I’d just write a short and sweet entry just to remind myself and others what this day is about.

Despite some of the chaos that happened before Christmas, we still managed to make this a memorable and meaningful holiday. Me and my family ended up driving 14 straight hours through the bland dessert to spend Christmas in Arizona with our family. Remember, someone can only ruin Christmas if you let them! So don’t!

Because of everything going on in my life, I wasn’t exactly that excited for the holidays this year just because it wasn’t what I saw to be the “perfect” Christmas. But we have to remember that Christmas really isn’t about us. It’s about the people you spend it with and how you can make this day special for them. I like to think of my family as the main attraction, and the presents and food just as things that make the day even better.

It’s so easy to think of Christmas as just another way to get gifts from people. (At least I know it is for me!) We have to train our hearts and our minds to look past the superficial gifts we have been blessed with and focus on our family. The real gifts that will never break or go out of style. I’m not saying that wanting presents is bad or even selfish, no not at all! Imagine it like a scale, the value of both things balancing on each side. When the love of gifts start to become heavier than your love for your family is when it becomes not so great. 😉 But don’t worry! Just focus on appreciating the day for what it is, not what it could be.

P.S. Never, never, never forget to say thank you for the great gifts you have been given!!!:)

❤ Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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