Merry Christmas to All- Updated

I love Jesus. And I will continue to. God has supplied me with people who will help me through his perfect journey for me. My previous post did not glorify him. In fact it shied away from him. And that pains me. But it pains him even more.

The gifts and food and being around family are all parts of Christmas, but it’s not at the root or center of it. I wrote an entire post about Christmas and didn’t mention Jesus in it all. The name is literally Christ-mas. I think I started out this blog as something that God was not a part of, but now I’m trying to strengthen my heart to welcome him. I want him to be part of all things I do.

So what is Christmas about? This holiday is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. My savior. He has blessed me with everything I call mine. And I cannot take advantage of that. We give gifts on Christmas perhaps because of the gifts the Wise Men gave Jesus. (just a guess :)) I am a visitor on this planet waiting to follow him to my seat at his heavenly table.

Even though this is kinda late, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. And in the future I will try to keep my posts as honest and meaningful as possible. Not to please society, but to please Jesus.

Happy Holidays