Moving to Costa Rica

It all started about 3 weeks before school started, my parents came home and told me and my sister that we were moving to Costa Rica. In two weeks! All I remember feeling is absolutely overwhelmed that I was going to be living in a foreign country in 14 days. 14 days! I was bummed about having to leave all my friends because I was excited to make those lasting memories my parents would always tell me about. You know stuff like, “when we were kids, me and my friends stole some wood from a construction sight and made forts!” But of course a legal version.

I’m not going to spend too much time talking about my time there since, well, I don’t live there anymore. It was hard. I’ve lived in America my entire life up until that point, and I’ve never really seen how people live in countries poorer than mine. It was an entirely different feeling than just hearing about it. It made me feel more grounded. It also made me feel silly when I complained about not having my own room, or having to walk a bit to do laundry, or any other thing that is taken advantage of in the states. Some Expats don’t like that the Ticos will charge you if they know you’re not from there. I used to be annoyed at them for trying to get over on us, but then I realized how completely selfish I was being. (With some helpful knowledge given to me from my mother. Thanks Mom!) Is it really a bad thing for them to be getting the few extra dollars, money that they may need more than us? Despite the fact that it’s at our own expense? You can think of it like balancing a scale. And yeah, the Ticos do get lower prices because they earn less money than us Americans. That’s just a matter of being understanding and compassionate. I really admire that.

To really understand my life, I’m going to have to explain a few key details. First, it was only me, my sister, and my mom in CR. My father did not come with us because he had surgical business he had to attend to. We had intended for him to join us after, but we didn’t end up staying long enough. Secondly, we lived in what I like to call a “crap house” because, well it was quite the piece of crap. I’m thankful for the place we had, I just think it would not be suitable for anyone planning to stay more than like a week. We stayed 3 months. The last detail regards my mother. I think of my parents as people who depend and draw strength and confidence from each other. So when they weren’t able to be together for such a long time, it was hard for my mother to adjust to the drastic change. Okay, I think that’s it.

I think in another life, under different circumstances, me and my family would’ve thrived in Costa Rica. Just not in this life and not at this time. But after thinking about this crazy thing that got thrown at me, I’ve concluded that me moving to Costa Rica was just a mental and emotional trial run for the real test. Japan. A place I know next to nothing about that’s close to 6000 miles away! I’m excited for the fact that it will be a completely new adventure unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Like ever. Well that’s all I got for now. See you later!